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Types Of Earthquakes Warning System

Onsite EWS

  • Onsite EWS is a social system and helps users directly before the damaging secondary waves strikes.
  • Don’t save data thus no help in Research.
  • Programmed hardware takes less time to calculate intensity.
  • Triggers alarm within a second and shut down all running applications.
  • Best available option of sensing earthquake from all directions including aftershocks.
  • More helpful in case epic centre is nearer to the installation.
  • Regional EWS can deliver good results if both system work together.

Regional EWS

  • Regional EWS is a scientific system and capable to warn farthest cities before primary waves strikes.
  • Collect and record data for future Research.
  • Works on magnitude & takes more time to calculate intensity of earthquake.
  • Capable of Giving early warning to farthest cities before P waves reaches and safety measures depends on further connectivity.
  • Capable of sensing earth motion only where sensors installed.
  • Less helpful if epic centre is nearer to the installation.





































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