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Sub Master Detector

For the purpose of monitoring a earthquake the master is connected via data lines to sub master. The master scans all connected sub masters cyclically and decides on triggering of an alarm of all earthquake detectors. Maximum 15 sub masters can be connected redundantly to a master. The system status is indicated a visually by LED’s for operation, failure and alarm.




Specifications & Features:

Earliest possible earthquake onsite early warning through use of state of art electronic sensors (triaxial) and analytical methods.

Measuring head: 3 x 2 axis sensors- every axis is supervised by two sensors elements all the time
Operating Range: Dc-40Hz
Sensitivity: 1V/g ±4%
Non linearity: < 2,5%
Cross Sensitivity: < 3%
Noise: ~0.01m/s2
Measurement Range: ± 1,7g
Frequency: 50-60 HZ
Battery Weight: 0.6kg
Battery Backup: 6-8 hrs
Complete weight: 2.5kg

  • The axis inaccuracy of the sensor is < approximate 3o

  • Successfully scientifically supported and tested

  • Communication between all system element via data – CAT7

  • Independent battery emergency power supply of the system at blackout

  • Production according to highest quality standards DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008

Equipment fulfills the following norms and guidelines

  • Electromagnetic compatibility

  • Unloading of static electricity

  • Interference resistant of high frequency fields

  • Burst interference resistant

  • Limiting values for radio interference

  • Low voltage recommendation

  • Generic standard resistant (industry area)

  • Generic standard disturbing emission (living area)

  • Interference resistant against induced fields on power and data lines

  • Gas automatic shut off systems- reacting to seismic moments

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