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Master Detector

  1. = Display for information of code. inquiry of    information, error messages.
  2. = green LED: system ok
  3. = red LED: alarrn
  4. = yellow LED: error
  5. = green LED: Sensor ok / red LED: Sensor    mistake
  6. = triggered thresholds, if an alarm f threshold    (1-8) shows by LED then can delete by push    the reset button (8)!
  7. = adjusted threshold value
  8. = reset button
  9. = esc Escape = EXIT
  10. = Enter-key




Note: At all equipment types with a display and a keyboard is in the front lid of Master or TABD

Specifications & Features:

Earliest possible earthquake onsite early warning through use of state of art electronic sensors (triaxial) and analytical methods.

Measuring head: 3 x 2 axis sensors- every axis is supervised by two sensors elements all the time
Operating Range: Dc-40Hz
Sensitivity: 1V/g ±4%
Non linearity: < 2,5%
Cross Sensitivity: < 3%
Noise: ~0.01m/s2
Measurement Range: ± 1,7g
Frequency: 50-60 HZ
Battery Weight: 0.6kg
Battery Backup: 6-8 hrs
Complete weight: 2.5kg

  • The axis inaccuracy of the sensor is < approximate 3o

  • Successfully scientifically supported and tested

  • Communication between all system element via data – CAT7

  • Independent battery emergency power supply of the system at blackout

  • Production according to highest quality standards DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008

Equipment fulfills the following norms and guidelines

  • Electromagnetic compatibility

  • Unloading of static electricity

  • Interference resistant of high frequency fields

  • Burst interference resistant

  • Limiting values for radio interference

  • Low voltage recommendation

  • Generic standard resistant (industry area)

  • Generic standard disturbing emission (living area)

  • Interference resistant against induced fields on power and data lines

  • Gas automatic shut off systems- reacting to seismic moments

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