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Utilities & Benefits of Early Earthquake Detection

In the field of earthquake science, many inventions have been made in last two decades. Several measuring instruments are introduced to measure the size of an earthquake in terms of its magnitude and intensity. Few examples of such instruments are Richter scale, Mercalli scale and Moment Magnitude Scale. But, these instruments are not helpful in preventing the aftermaths of natural disaster. What if we have advanced instruments, that can early detect the first waves of earthquake and trigger warning. With prior warning, many lives can be saved.

With an advance warning of earthquake, surgeons can stop surgery, drivers can stop trains, airport authorities can delay plane take-offs, vulnerable bridges can be closed, personnel in buildings can move to safe locations, businesses can shut down production lines and people can safely stop vehicles. The earthquake detection systems are fast, reliable and accurate. This system detects p-waves and triggers an alert. The P-waves travel faster in comparison to S-waves. This saves valuable time for preparing for the upcoming shake.

Utilities in Hospitals

Doctors, nurses and ward boys are asset to the country. And, saving their lives who saves million of lives each year is a great honor for us.

Utilities in Mining

Chemical explosions conducted for mining, rock bursts, quarry blasting, and construction work in mining can also cause seismic events. This area is already prone to accidents, therefore, the use of earthquake detection instrument becomes mandatory. By detecting first, harmless waves, the project managers can save the lives of many workers from damaging waves.

Utilities in Power Stations

With early detection with the use of earthquake detection equipment, the power stations can be shut down timely and safely. As soon as time power stations are shut, the power in industries, residential area and commercial buildings is cut off.

Utilities in Transport

During traveling via or through railway, bus, metro train, airplane, bridges & tunnels, one can promote safe journey by early detecting the earthquake.

Utilities in Defence

In the defence industry, recognizing the upcoming seismic event can help them be prepared for the big disaster. This will help them lowering the damage, of both, life and equipment. The explosives can be stores at much secure place. The soldiers living in high rise buildings can be alerted and immediately vacate the building.

Utilities and Benefits at Rural & Urban Areas

It’s a matter of few seconds, that devastating waves shake up and flatten a widespread area. By setting up public alarm system at urban and rural areas, hundreds to thousands of lives can be saved.

Utilities in Government Buildings

Government officers are controlling the system, by which our nation is smoothly running. So, protecting them from unpredictable catastrophe caused by earthquake is crucial.

Utilities in Schools & Kindergardens

Children are considered future pillars of every nation, therefore, saving their lives is the topmost priority of school administration. It is necessary to keep the school buildings updated with early earthquake detection system. So, that immediate actions can be taken as soon as the system warns of upcoming waves.

Utilities in Hotels, Cinemas & Theater

By setting up earthquake detection system integrated with building management system, elevators can be parked, exit doors and gates can be opened automatically, water, gas and electricity supply can be shut off immediately. People can be timely evacuated from the buildings.

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