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About Earthquakes

According to a statistics, around 7 million people have lost their lives due to catastrophic earthquakes. Out of many reasons, the primary reason of earthquake is movement along a fault. Fault is actually a boundary between the edges of the tectonic plates, where the plates keep on moving around slowly, often bumping into each other, sliding side by side and sliding past one another. When these plates get stuck, this builds up stress. And when this stress releases, the plates break free. The stress that was built up gets sent in the form of seismic waves in all directions.

Seismologists predicted that the frequencies of earthquake will increase in near future and the world will have to face earthquake fatalities as there are limited seismic retrofitting and seismic-resistant construction. Even, seismic-resistant construction is not enough to lower the death risk, as there are many others risks involved, such as gas line breakage and live high voltage wires.

There is no statistically significant pattern of occurrence of earthquakes. Therefore, it is better to be prepared for an earthquake. The foremost thing one can do to secure their lives and assets is to install Early Warning and Security System

What is Earthquake?

Earthquake, also called tremor occurs when plates in the crust of the earth collide or slide past each other. When these plates while pushing each other break, it releases sudden energy creating seismic waves, causing an earthquake. The spot where these plates break is called the focus of the earthquake and the point right above this focus on the ground is called epicenter of the earthquake.

Primary and Secondary Waves

The seismic waves can be primary (p waves) or secondary (s waves).
  • The primary waves travel quickly- twice as fast as secondary waves. It can be picked up by sensors, but get unnoticed most of the time by people. These waves are harmless. By detecting primary waves, all of us can be warned of the coming disaster and immediately take precautionary steps to save lives and assets.
  • The secondary waves are slow and occurs in swaying, rolling, horizontal and vertical movements, shaking the ground and causing structural damage, injuries and loss of life.

Physical Connection between P waves and S waves

Primary wave and the secondary wave of an earthquake have physical connections. By studying the characteristics of primary waves, the force of the following secondary waves can be calculated with the acceleration speed and frequency of the impending earthquake. Both waves get generated at the same time, but the primary waves are faster compared to the secondary waves.

Function of secty lifePatron® during earthquake

The secty lifePatron® detects and analyze the threshold level. If this level exceeded from selected level, this advance earthquake warning system will trigger an optical and acoustic alarm.

Need for selecting the threshold level

A specific threshold level is selected, so that it triggers alarm only when the secondary waves can be destructive for population and environment.

Functional principle of secty lifePatron®

Every earthquake announces itself: “I am on the way”.













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